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Stephanie Palmer – Photographer

Hello! I’m Steph…

I am a mummy of a delightful chap named Bailey; he’s my inspiration. My partner in crime, Jason, has been a huge support from the very beginning…I’m a bit of a dreamer you see, always away with the fairies and he’s the brains behind the scenes…we’re quite the team!

I spent my life until I was 18 in England, where my parents filled my life with travel, musicals, troll dolls and we all lived in a pink house. When I emigrated to Australia, Jason whisked me off for a 4 year adventure in a Desert community and then East Arnhem Land. Our new adoptive family showed us their Country, how Roo Tails don’t taste too bad and how good it feels to watch your child dance free through the red dust with his beautiful friends. We even had a pet Joey called Roopert!

It was in the desert, surrounded by beautiful faces, that I was inspired to start taking photo’s. It seems now that all these elements that have infused my life have led me to have such a passion for music, colour, travel and telling people’s stories.

We now live in Cairns, armed with cameras, wanderlust and a 1963 VW Beetle. Things couldn’t be more exciting!

I see the world differently, and I see into the heart of people: I think my photography reflects this and I look forward to telling your story.

Much Love, Stephie – Peppermint Lane Photography

Jason Holt – Videographer

Hey there, I’m Jason, Stephanie’s partner in crime and Daddy of our beautiful son Bailey…. I grew up North of Brisbane with a sense of adventure and excitement for life… Stephanie and I met in 2004 and from day one we sought about living life to the fullest. Hand in hand we threw ourselves into this country’s most remote locations leaving Brisbane in 2005 for Perth before living in the Gibson Desert and East Arnhem Land for a number of years.

Since 2011 we have found our feet firmly planted in Cairns, our new home base, the place we now consider home. You see; we have always strived to gain experiences in life, experiences in this world, always looking for the next opportunity to embark on another great adventure. Even before Peppermint Lane was conceived our cameras were never too far away, as we went about capturing the stories of our adventures through the images we caught and the footage we recorded.

Our latest and most rewarding adventure to date has been ‘Peppermint Lane’. We are now in the business of capturing the experiences of your special day with our still photography and filmography. Our candid and relaxed approach to our craft, enables us direct entry into the heart of the couples that we have the privilege of shooting and as we team up to capture your special day our ability to collaborate in creating a product that is both unique and true to Peppermint Lane’s style.

“We love because it is the only true adventure”- Nikki Giovanni

Jason – Peppermint Lane Film

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